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About us

ALP Synergy Ltd helps solve business and sustainability challenges using innovation and creative leadership for customers in the UK.


Founded in 2014 by Ant Parsons, ALP Synergy has quickly carved out a market where it is helping clients think differently from their competitors.  Ant has a wealth of experience in the public sector in leadership development, organisational change, wellbeing, sustainability and innovation. After 3 years leading innovation for the Environment Agency (England) he has the ability to really understand a challenge, scope opportunities and translate radical innovation into business solutions.


ALP Synergy has become a social and environmental innovation business that can bring new approaches, innovations or collaborations to help you achieve more. We can make innovation and sustainability real for you and breakthrough your difficult challenges. We can help develop leadership and new skills in your organisation. We can provide mentoring and support. We can run innovation challenges for you with your staff or open to the public to identify new solutions or opportunities.


ALP Synergy is well connected and creates new collaborations so that we can bring fresh insight to our work. We work with a range of Associates to ensure the best solutions for our clients.

Why work with us?

  • We secured over £10m in funding for clients in 2015 / 16

  • We have helped clients explore a more innovative future

  • We develop your leadership and innovation capability and capacity

  • We give your customer's a first-class experience

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