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Welcome to my blog


I will be blogging about my experiences with innovation, events I attend and things that matter to me. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

By Ant P, Sep 29 2014 11:48AM

The insiders experience...

Often coincidence leads to the most fun and valuable experiences. Two weeks ago I was keeping upto date with the world on Twitter and I saw a request for volunteers. I always read these posts as you never know what they could be. This was a chance to help out at #introbizshow in cardiff, my kinda thing I thought! A quick tweet reply and I was in! But what was I in for?

Day 1: Set-up day with the core staff, volunteers and contractors. OMG what have I done? 22 hours before this prestigious event was due to start I was not prepared to arrive in an empty sports hall! The photo above shows the carpet being laid to protect the sports flooring but how the heck was this place going to be ready for business stands to arrive, a stage to be built, caterers to set up???

All hands on deck, sleeves rolled up and getting stuck in. It was intense as we took delivery of tables, chairs and various decorations and gradually the room filled up and started to look like a venue. Gleeming new cars drove in to take pride of place on sponsor's stands, a cherry-picker arrived to hoist the event banner. It all started to take shape and doubts were replaced with belief and pride in accomplishment.

Day 2: The event is here and kicks off with a well attended business networking breakfast. Volunteers and staff are more relaxed and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. By 10:30 am there are over 1000 business men and women at the event and there is a positive buzz around the whole place. New conversations are starting, new relationships being forged. Speakers delight their audiences and you can feel new ideas and inspiration growing. My personal highlight was 'Shed'.

So two days of fun, loads of new contacts and some great new ideas. What an amazing event! Perhaps I will take a stand next year?

By Ant P, Jul 7 2014 11:03AM

I took the chance on Sunday morning to soak up some of the local environment. When you live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty its easy to take it for granted. Visitors travel from all over the world to come and see what I have on my doorstep. So I have decided to make more of it and to take my family and friends with me.

Being by a river, in the woods, on a hill gives you time to think. You can't be brilliant if you haven't taken the time to think about what you want to be brilliant at.

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